Friday, January 10, 2014

Fluffy Thing Friday - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone.

This is my first Fluffy Thing Friday of 2014!

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and New Years and that nobody got out of hand over the holidays.  Personally, I had the most PG rated New Years EVER.  I bought my parents a new Computer for Christmas and it was delivered on New Years Eve.  So I spend the afternoon getting them up and running.  After that I really didn't want to do more than have a glass of wine, in my PJ's and curl up with a book and my cat.  I live such a thrilling life.

It was the first New Years of my 30s and I didn't even have a hangover!

Which is actually a good thing considering I went back to work on January 2nd.  But it made me think fondly back to the days of my youth, where hangover's weren't that bad.  Remember the days when you could spend the whole day in University, go to your part time job, then go out with friends drinking all night and be fully functional at 8am the next morning?  I remember going to work on Sunday mornings and I was pretty sure I was still tipsy.  Now a hangover practically KILLS ME.

Oh the joys of getting older.

But with that in mind, I present to you, some animals that really REALLY wish they had called it quits after 1 drink.

Is this the toilet?  Nope.  Close enough.

This cat is totally praying to the porcelain Gods.  

I have no words for this.  

Shhh.  Just stop talking.

And because Owls have the BEST facial expressions ever....




  1. For the record: I was NEVER the person who could be drinking all night and then get up and go to work. Even when I could drink with the best of them, there was no way I could work with a hangover. Kill me.

    1. LOL. I remember going to work without having actually gone to bed. More like had a shower and wobbled out.

  2. nope. never done that. and I drank wayyyy more than any 5'3 100 lb girl ever should.

  3. I miss the days of speedy hangover recovery! Now I find myself cutting myself off and chugging water to prevent the hangover that I know will take two full days to recover from!

    1. I have a strict regime of electrolytes and Advil before bed after drinking. Makes a huge difference. But I still feel like ass in the morning.

    2. I have a friend who swears by taking a Milk Thistle supplement before bed. I've never tried it though. I also do the gatorade & advil before bed thing....but in my old age, it doesn't always work :D

    3. Ooo I've never tried Milk Thistle. The electrolytes help because the big issue is dehydration. But yeah, in my old age I still don't bounce back as quickly as I used to. I don't last as long either. I remember going till 3-4am no problem. Now by 1 I'm like, yeah I should get to bed.