Friday, December 6, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - For the love of Kittens

Hello all,

This week has been insane at work.  December always is because our clients are trying to wrap up projects and blow out budgets before year end.

Also, this week has been a klutzy one for me.  I'm pretty accident prone as it is so once you add snow and ice into the mix, it's a disaster waiting to happen.

We had our first ice/freezing rain on Monday and I fell flat on my ass, as per protocol.  It's not winter till I've fallen on my ass.  Just sayin'.

Then to top it off when I was digging in my trunk to get my ice scraper, the weight of the ice on the trunk slammed it down onto my arm.  I have a huge bruise now and why is it that the second you realize you have a bruise you're constantly bumping into things!!!!

So to distract me from this, I've been going through the cute pictures people have sent me.

This week's themes is kitten.  Because seriously, kittens rock.

That and it was my furbaby Jasper's 4th Birthday on the 1st so I'm in a kitten loving mood because I'm reminiscing over when Jasper was a baby.

He's learning to poop in his litter tray!  Pooping has never been so adorable.

So pretty.


Look at that little grump!

Look at that tail!  That tail could be a model!

  So much floof!



Here's a picture of Jasper the day I brought him home from the shelter.  He was about 8 weeks old.

Now 4 years later, he rules the house.  Although apparently nobody told him that he's actually supposed to go INSIDE his new house (That my parents got him for his birthday.  Clearly they want grandchildren.)


  1. Awww, cute baby J! I love black cats, even the overdone "Basement Cat" lolcats ones... :)

    1. Oh man, haven't seen that one before. That is exactly why I don't wear white clothing.