Friday, November 15, 2013

Fluffy Thing Fridays - Happy Animals

I like to think that all animals out in the wild, doing their thing are naturally happy.

I get that it's probably not the same way we feel happiness but I like to think so.

Like, in my heart I like to think that my cat is happy.  He's fed, he's warm, he has toys, he gets cuddles and he purrs constantly.  I'd like to think that all means he's happy.  Not secretly plotting my murder, although if he runs in front of me while I'm walking up the stairs again I may change my mind.

That being said.  Although animals may not "smile", sometimes it really looks like they do and hopefully that means that the following, are a bunch of happy animals.

And on the flip side we have....

Still adorable.  But in a grumpy way.




  1. I love the elephant and the sloth! Chrissy is going to flip about that sloth!

    1. That Elephant looks like he's having such a blast playing in the water. Chrissy loves a good sloth.

  2. Replies
    1. I know. He is just having so much fun, it's adorable. Have you seen the video of the baby elephant playing on the beach? So cute.

  3. I love how expressive animals' faces can be. Anyone who thinks animals can't experience a range of emotions like humans should just look at these pictures.